A Summit and More

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 It’s a wrap with the 2nd Scottish Black Talent Summit.

The summit kicked off with an opening session championed by the phenomenal Abel Aboh, followed by a panel discussion. Following this extraordinary introduction, a riveting panel discussion unfolded. The panelists delved deep into the subject of unlocking opportunities in various roles within NHS Scotland and government agencies. It was evident that the attendees were not merely spectators; they were immersed in an atmosphere of enlightenment and empowerment. The presence of these distinguished speakers was a true blessing, and their words left an indelible mark on everyone present. The interactive element of the summit continued with a spirited question and answer session. Here, Black Talent had the golden opportunity to seek answers to their burning questions, further enhancing the depth of knowledge and inspiration the summit provided. With a wealth of wisdom and insight, the experts generously shared their invaluable tips and guidance, enriching the audience's understanding of the vast landscape of possibilities that lay before them.

But the event  was more than just a singular moment; it was a tapestry of enriching discussions and thought-provoking insights. A series of panel discussions, brilliantly led by Elaine Lawther and Julia MacKenzie, delved into the themes of Values, Skills, and Knowledge: How Employers Market, Recruit & Develop for New Talent. The collective wisdom that emerged from these discussions was a testament to the depth of expertise present in the room. The audience, with a rich tapestry of backgrounds and experiences, contributed to the discussions with an affluence of thought-provoking questions. The event wasn't just a passive exchange of ideas; it was an intellectual and emotional journey, where value-driven insights were cherished and celebrated.

It is absolutely pertinent to acknowledge and express our profound gratitude to those who made it all possible. Our official partner, Techscaler, media partner, BL Studios and our generous sponsors, Scottish Enterprise, Codebase, Bayes Centre, and the Scottish Government, played an indispensable role in bringing this vision to life. Their unwavering support was the cornerstone upon which this transformative event stood.

The heartbeat of the summit was undeniably the esteemed Speakers and Exhibitors, whose presence and contributions were the driving force behind its success. Special thanks are due to the DataKirk Team, the dedicated volunteers, and every individual who lent their unwavering support to this remarkable summit. Together, they wove the intricate fabric of inspiration that enveloped the event.

Last but not least, our deepest appreciation goes to the exceptional black talent who graced the summit with their presence. They were the true stars of the event, the embodiment of empowerment, and the living proof that talent knows no bounds.

And this is the icing on the cake: DataKirk was announced as the recipient of both the Scottish Ecosystem Fund and the Pathways Pre-Start Fund by the Scottish Government. The celebration of this remarkable achievement added an extra layer of brilliance to an already shining event, exemplifying the commitment to nurturing Black talent and innovation.

In a culmination of inspiration and empowerment, the 2nd Scottish Black Talent Summit was a magnificent tapestry of inspiration, empowerment, and transformation. It served as a beacon of hope and a platform for growth, where the brightest minds and most passionate hearts converged. As the curtains fall on this chapter, the echoes of its impact will resonate for years to come, inspiring the future of Black talent in Scotland and beyond.

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