Nigerian-Born AI Expert Abel Aboh Joins Scotland's Data Lab Board, a Win for the Black Community

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In an exciting development for the Black community in Scotland and UK as a whole, Nigerian-born British AI expert Abel Aboh has been appointed to Scotland's Data Lab board. His inclusion as one of the 20 new board members is a significant step towards promoting diversity, representation, and inclusion in the field of data and artificial intelligence (AI).

The Data Lab's mission is clear: to help Scotland maximize the value of data and lead the world into a data-powered future. With this appointment, Abel Aboh brings his wealth of expertise and experience spanning global financial services, defence, airline, and sports industries to the table. As a professional data and technology influencer, Aboh's work has been recognized and celebrated within prestigious circles, such as being nominated as a finalist for the British Data Awards' Data Leader of the Year 2021.

The Data Lab's CEO, Brian Hills, expressed his admiration for the volume and quality of applications received for the boards, acknowledging the exceptional skills and perspectives brought by the newly appointed members from various sectors. This diversity of voices will undoubtedly contribute to creating the world's most impactful data and AI community.

Abel Aboh, in his response to the appointment, conveyed a great sense of honour and privilege to be part of the Data Lab's board, specifically Scotland's Artificial Intelligence and data sector. He emphasized his intention to contribute and provide strategic direction to the Lab's leadership. Aboh's passion for data and AI is evident, as he aims to unlock the rich opportunities they offer, not only in Scotland and the UK but also globally. His focus on collaboration between industry, academia, and the public sector highlights the potential for harnessing opportunities, connecting people and ideas, and developing knowledge and expertise for the betterment of humanity and society.

This appointment is a clear win for the Black community in Scotland. It signifies the breaking down of barriers and the recognition of talent and expertise within the community. By having a representative like Abel Aboh on the board, the Black community's perspectives, experiences, and contributions will be amplified and integrated into the decision-making processes. Aboh's appointment showcases the commitment of the Data Lab to fostering diversity and inclusion within the data and AI sectors, ensuring that the Black community has a seat at the table where decisions that shape the future are made.

With Abel Aboh's strategic guidance and influence, the Data Lab's board is poised to make significant strides in advancing Scotland's data and AI capabilities. This appointment serves as an inspiration and encouragement to aspiring Black data and technology professionals, affirming that their voices and expertise are valued and essential in shaping Scotland's future as a leader in the data-powered world.

The Black community in Scotland can celebrate this appointment as a step forward in breaking down barriers, driving innovation, and creating a more inclusive and equitable future. With Aboh's passion and dedication to data, AI, transformation, innovation, education, technology, inclusion, and social and global mobility, the advantages for the Black community and society at large are boundless.

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