AccelerateBLK and Third Sector Lab Partner to Drive Diversity on Boards

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DataKirk's subsidiary, AccelerateBLK, is proud to announce a potential partnership with the esteemed Third Sector Lab. This exciting collaboration aims to empower candidates from AccelerateBLK's Black Talent on Board program with essential digital skills, enabling them to contribute their unique perspectives and expertise to the boards of charitable organizations. Together, they seek to drive positive change, foster diversity, and unlock the incredible potential of diverse voices within boardrooms. DataKirk is paving the way for increased diversity and representation in board appointments through its AccelerateBLK project. The potential partnership with Third Sector Lab signifies a significant milestone in this mission. By equipping talented individuals from the Black Talent on Board program with digital skills, they aim to bridge the gap and facilitate their entry into board positions within charities. Click here to learn more about this exciting collaboration and its potential impact. Discover how AccelerateBLK and Third Sector Lab are joining forces to create meaningful opportunities for exceptional black talent. Organizations passionate about fostering diversity within their boards are encouraged to reach out to the Project Lead at AccelerateBLK, Adebola Adedoyin. This partnership offers a unique chance to host exceptional black talent and drive positive change from within. Together, DataKirk, AccelerateBLK, and Third Sector Lab are dedicated to making a lasting impact by amplifying diverse voices, fostering inclusivity, and reshaping the boardroom landscape. Join this transformative movement and be part of driving positive change in Scotland's organizations. Let's unite to create boardrooms that reflect the rich diversity of our society and harness the full potential of exceptional black talent. Together, we can build a future where everyone's voice is heard and valued. #AccelerateBLK #ThirdSectorLab #DrivingDiversity #BoardAppointments #FosteringInclusion #EmpoweringTalent #PositiveChange

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