Diversity, Inclusion and Training at SALT CONSULT LTD

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SALT CONSULT LTD has improved the economic life of Black ethnic communities in Scotland since 2019. The consulting firm offers support, training, and business mentorship to bridge the systematic gap between the Black community and Scottish society. SALT CONSULT focuses on enhancing Diversity, Inclusion, and Training with numerous organisations, including the Scottish Government.

Diversity comprises acknowledging what makes people different and respecting and appreciating them. Age, gender, ethnicity, religion, disability, sexual orientation, education, and national origin are all diversity factors that create a thriving community from which we should only learn. SALT CONSULT embraces Scotland's diverse identity, providing under-listed programs to create a supportive society. The programs aim to organise different events for different groups, bridge cultural differences within the Black community, and celebrate them by showcasing events. Inclusion sees different cultural heritages and backgrounds similarly and equally accepted through an organisational effort. Inclusion leads to a sense of belonging, towards which SALT CONSULT operates. The Inclusion Programme organised by the business aims to create an environment where the Black community can feel respected and valued as members of a multi-layered community. The programs include supporting Small Black Businesses in Start-Up and Set-up and recruiting Black people in professional and advanced fields. Identify gaps in organizational structures in terms of black minority employment and government agencies in terms of black minority employment and representation. Furtherly, to create a platform where all black businesses are showcased and made visible for people to get information.

Training and education are the keys to providing the Black community with the skills to invest in different professional sectors, lifting the community out of deprived areas in Scotland. SALT CONSULT acknowledges all the diverse factors and how these can be implemented in creating ideal professionals through its programs. If you want to know more about SALT CONSULT and how it can help you shape your goals, click here.

Author: Fiammetta Nisio

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